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Spotlight on green careers: Renewable energy technicians

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内容摘要:Clean energy jobs are some of the fastest-growing occupations in the country.As clean energy continues to make up an increasingly larger sha......


Clean energy jobs are some of the fastest-growing occupations in the country.

As clean energy continues to make up an increasingly larger share of the U.S. energy grid, renewable energy jobs are also growing in terms of both prominence and numbers. In fact, jobs like wind turbine technicians and solar installers are some of the fastest-growing in the country. Renewable energy technicians are a critical part of the green workforce, helping to design, install, commission and maintain the infrastructure and equipment needed to transform our energy grid.

Renewable energy professionals are critical for a decarbonized future

More and more buildings, governments and utility providers are seeking renewable energy sources to provide clean power—whether by installing these systems now or by preparing existing systems and infrastructure for future installations. Renewable energy projects are coming online across the country every day, from modest rooftop arrays to sprawling solar and wind farms. Renewable energy technicians support the transition to a low-carbon, green economy.

There are a variety of tasks that a renewable energy technician might complete, depending on the energy source, the project stage and their personal expertise.

  • Wind and solar engineers guide site selection and land acquisition for renewable installations, by assessing the potential for energy generation, based on a site’s conditions and weather patterns, and designing the systems accordingly.
  • Renewable energy technicians complete installation of physical equipment, along with the mechanical and electrical components of the system.
  • After installation, technicians continue to support the maintenance of these systems and complete needed repairs.
  • Technicians may provide training and education to end users or other parties about the operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Looking at our energy system as a whole, renewable energy professionals are critical to a decarbonized future. The work being done in this field allows for scaling up and the deployment of new renewable energy installations, facilitating the transition of our energy grid by changing the makeup of energy sources. They also support the building side of energy transitions. Along with other energy professionals, their expertise in renewable energy informs how buildings can be better suited to nontraditional energy sources and usage models.

Learn more about renewable energy careers

For each occupational profile, we have curated a selection of education courses on our platform that support the knowledge domains and skills needed for the occupation. For renewable energy technicians, these courses include:

In addition to the above courses, more resources to support aspiring and current renewable energy technicians include:

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